We suck at lunch. We don't play golf. We have no Yankees tickets to offer. And if you believe bigger is better, we're the worst agency there is. But if you're more interested in performance than perks, you'll be glad to know SILBERWARE - the brainchild of award-winning copywriter/creative director Mark Silber - offers an absurdly long list of copywriting services, including:



Branding Copy
Business Plans
Case Studies
Direct Mail
Email Marketing Ghostwriting
Press Releases
Sales Collateral
Sales Letters
SEO Copywriting
Snappy Taglines
Technical Writing
TV/Radio Scripts
Video Scripts
Web Copywriting Whitepapers

Whew! And we do what we do without a cast of thousands - it's basically just one guy plus a chimp who takes dictation. Which means we're cheaper than a real agency - in fact, one of us works for peanuts.

We are relentlessly, single-mindedly, disturbingly focused on copywriting. We believe passionately in the power of words and it's our mission to help businesses find the right words to communicate with their customers, the media and other constituencies. Hey, some people are doctors, some people are philanthropists. We majored in English. Fortunately, no one's yet figured out how to offshore the creation of clever, persuasive, vernacular English. Good thing.

SILBERWARE provides copywriting services for all kinds of companies - from one-person home businesses to venture-funded startups to Fortune 500 behemoths. Our clients come from anywhere English is used in the business context, including the Americas, Europe and Asia. (Come on, Antarctica, get with the program!) We have experience in industries including automotive, consumer products, energy, financial services, healthcare, hospitality, luxury goods, media and entertainment, nonprofits, software/technology, telecom, travel. As you might surmise, we've been doing this a long time.

Sometimes I don't know what that other guy is doing.Me neither.NEW! Heartfelt testimonials from our loyal clients, in no way written by us and then flashed past them for their grudging approval. READ THEM NOW!

This just in: SILBERWARE issues press release!  
This just inner: SILBERWARE issues second press release!

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Cross-media brand
identity solutions
Memorable messages
that drive results
Experiences that bring
the value proposition to life



Lost your checkbook? Waiting for that next round to close? No problema. SILBERWARE accepts PayPal,
Google Checkout, and bags o' cash! Gratuities welcome - in fact, you can send me some money right now.

Does your website stink so bad you have to hold your tie over your nose like a TV detective visiting the morgue?
In no way am I suggesting that when the little girl encounters an unpleasant aroma that she somehow turns, even figuratively, into a screaming simian.Would your sales materials look more in context lining the interior of a catbox? Is your current marketing communications provider (assuming it's not me) making you long for the good old days when vivisection was merely frowned upon but not actually illegal? If you answered YES to any of these admittedly leading questions, you may be an excellent candidate for the MARK SILBER MARCOM EVALUATION. Basically what happens is, you gather a sample of your marketing communications materials - ads, brochures, website, PPT, whatever - you show them to me and I tell you whether, given your objectives, they're really as bad as you're afraid they might be. NOTE: Client must be sitting down when I deliver my report.

The blue image is a balloon doggie, which truth be told, Mark Silber didn't even make. The other picture is actually Mark Silber. Feeling comfortable yet?MARK SILBER is available for speaking engagements, marketing workshops and children's birthday parties. Ask for him by name! (Or just point in his direction during the line-up.)
NOTE: Some balloon animals may be inappropriate for small children.

Look! This page just goes on and on! (We must've paid ourselves by the word.)
Often people ask, in the nicest way imaginable, What have you done for me lately? Generally, the answer is, nada. However, I have been busy, and I thought it might be enlightening to list the projects I've completed recently.

Here goes - first the really really recent (2008-09) ones:

Aesthetica Art Consulting

Anabolic X performance supplement

Some Austrian company called AUD

Auto Leather, Inc.

BeSocial restaurant social network

BVS bank training platform

Center for Living substance abuse treatment

CityStar online listings

DecideMedical health industry software

Delta Marketing Group

Direct Hit Technologies

Dolce Gusto Coffeemaker

Duck Creek Technologies

Easy Nurse (a nursing salve, not what you're thinking)

Empire Gold Buyers

ExpatFlats Real Estate


Extended Stay Hotels


Fitness4Life personal training

FlavorStorm gourmet foods

Google advertising



Hain Capital

Hoffman Education


Hot 'N' Ready barbecue equipment

InsightU employee training

Itteco technology solutions

Kinga Zak Design

Learn NY nonprofit organization

LetItForeclose consulting service


LondonPro Tour Planning

Mack Music amplifiers

MXP anti-spam solution

Moovers flat-rate moving

NAC Marketing

NorthPoint Capital collection service

The Pajamaman sales training


Piggy Plan fundraising

Pocket Solution accessories

Powerbar nutrition supplement

Remarkable! Solutions


SendWordNow.com messaging

Valley Payroll Solutions

VibeMetrix software

VRBigD business sales


And now, some pre-2008 projects, for you nostalgic types:

Advertising and copywriting for InsightU, retail sales training provider

Brand ID and marketing plan for Martha K. Selig Institute, part of the Jewish Board

Brand ID for Center for Living, alcohol and substance abuse recovery program

Branding, concepts, copywriting and more for Mack Amps, amplifier manufacturer

Business plan for biofuels start-up

Business plan for hydroelectric start-up

Collateral materials for UK-based marketing and sales services company Elevate

Concept and copywriting for Avayaís advertorial supplements in Fortune Magazine

Concepts and copywriting for ConnectMe, telecommunications services provider

Concepts, copywriting and creative direction for Avenue Capital, hedge fund

Copywriting for ADP TotalSource, employer organization

Copywriting for Aesthetica Art Consulting

Copywriting for Affiliate Fuel, affiliate services company (now part of Experian)

Copywriting for Alexander Muss Institute for Israeli Education (High School in Israel)

Copywriting for Ameriquest, former sub-prime mortgage provider

Copywriting for Amos Media, consultancy

Copywriting for Allen Technologies, healthcare technology provider

Copywriting for Andrews Jewelers, jewelry retailer specializing in engagement rings and wedding bands

Copywriting for Anna Shea Chocolates, clicks-and-mortar chocolatier

Copywriting for BeSocial, restaurant dining network

Copywriting for BVS Performance Systems, online training

Copywriting for CityStar, a national business network

Copywriting for CREMAC, asset management firm

Copywriting for Cristom Construction, builder and remodeler

Copywriting for DecideMedical, healthcare technology company

Copywriting for DeepMemories.com, adult toy etailer

Copywriting for Delta Marketing Group

Copywriting for Direct Hit, investigative software

Copywriting for DrCopelandSkinCare.com

Copywriting for EasyNurse, nipple ointment

Copywriting for EmailOpen, email marketing services firm

Copywriting for ExpatFlats, real estate website

Copywriting for FoneFerret sales contact management software

Copywriting for GreenPagesFlorida, online business listings

Copywriting for HealthSource Chiropractic

Copywriting for HealthYES!, mobile health clinic service

Copywriting for IdentityGuard, credit protection service

Copywriting for Infinite Massage, provider of in-office and trade show chair massage services

Copywriting for IntelligentMarketing, auto dealership direct marketing firm

Copywriting for JMA Architects

Copywriting for Karp Capital, financial services

Copywriting for My Personal Concierge

Copywriting for Nestle's (Buitoni and Carnation Instant Breakfast brands)

Copywriting for Nexium, "purple pill" for heartburn and acid reflux

Copywriting for Pfizer, the world's largest research-based biomedical and pharmaceutical company

Copywriting for Pocket Solutions, etailer of PDA accessories

Copywriting for Powerbar, performance energy and nutrition products

Copywriting for Quicken, personal finance software

Copywriting for Range Online Media, search marketing firm

Copywriting for Resolute Capital Growth Fund

Copywriting for SalesBuzz.com, online telesales training

Copywriting for SendWordNow, alerting service

Copywriting for StylistMatch, hair stylist locator and referral service

Copywriting for Tardus Wealth Builder, personal financial managment program

Copywriting for Trends Construction, contracting services business

Copywriting for Unsworth Photography

Copywriting for Velocity Network Systems, outsourced IT services provider

Copywriting for Water.com, office and home water delivery service

Corporate identity, brochures and website for EIA, network integration firm

Corporate positioning for Yakult, Japanese food and beverage company

Direct marketing for LS Funding, life insurance consulting firm

Flash demo of new payroll software application from Microsoft and ADP

Ghostwriting for IMPAQT, search marketing firm

Marketing communications materials for Avayaís sponsorship of the 2006 World Cup

Marketing plan and support materials for Seaport Orthopaedics

Marketing strategy and copywriting for Articulate, web strategy and design firm

Marketing strategy, concepts and copywriting for Salon.com

Marketing strategy and website for NothingButNoni, noni juice etailer

Positioning and naming for Owl Software

Sales video for Kastle Systems, building security company

Strategy, copywriting, logo and web design for Empire Gold Buyers

Web and collateral materials for Black Diamond Commercial Finance

Web marketing concepts and copywriting for LearnSecurityOnline

Website and corporate presentation for Encourage Marketing, viral marketing company

Website for Weitz & Luxenberg, law firm

Website and identity materials for Solon Group, merchant bank

Website and identity materials for Glass & Associates, corporate turnaround management consultancy

Website for Hain Capital Group, distressed debt investors

Website for Small Mine Development, mining contractor

Website, brochure, presentation and press release for WhiteRock Group, executive recruiters

Website design, construction and copywriting for artnet

Web strategy, design and copywriting for Paideia Events


Oh, the Humanities!
Want to get really confused about what I work on? Visit my Portfolio page.


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